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 xampp guide

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PostSubject: xampp guide   Sat May 03, 2014 2:36 pm

Good morning, guys! I just want to share my knowledge to everyone. Here's the simplified guide on how to create your Ran Control Panel. But before that, you should do the following:

*Database FIX(For 1st time rancp installation)
1. Open your MSSQL2005
2. Login you MSSQL2005 account.
3. Expand the 'Databases'.
4. Expand your RanUser database
5. Expand the 'Tables'.
6. Right click on UserInfo then click 'Design'
7. Scroll down, add column namely 'UserEmail with data type 'varchar,50' . Check the box 'allow nulls'
8. Add column again namely 'UserPoint' with data type 'int,4' . Check the box 'allow nulls'
9. Close and save the design table.


So, now let's start to install and modify your own Ran CP

1. Download and install the following:

Xampp ver. 1.6.6: Download
ntwdblib.rar: Download
OmegaRanCP.rar: Download

2. After the downloads are finished, install the Xampp 1.6.6. After you installed the Xampp, do not run.

3. Extract the ntwdblib and overwrite the following:


4. Extract the GzBkcp inside your htdocs, it will look like this: C:\xampp\htdocs\rancp\). Run your Apache and MySQL via Xampp Control Panel. Then, go to

1. Step 1 - Choose Mssql or ODBC (Choose Mssql, ODBC is not configured yet)
2. Step 2 - Now put the correct info. And example shown below.

Local Host : (Leave As it is)
Database User : sa
Database Password : 1234 (Change to your pass)
*Ran Online Database : RanUser (Leave As it is)

1. Step 3 - Enter the Infos
2. Step 4 - Enter the infos

Once your done installing it then go here

Then You Done. Remember to use Xampp.
some screenies in my attachment
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xampp guide
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