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 [Development] Offical Source Developerment

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PostSubject: [Development] Offical Source Developerment   Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:01 am

Since no one wants to initiate this kind of development, i will lead this so we can have good files for the future of this section. I will setup an svn server offshore ( i still need to find one ) this way people can download the latest changes of developments of ran section. If we see releases of source here we will apply them, test them and and put it on svn.

People that wants to contribute on this source developments, please send me a message.

Our goal is to complete the source with Editors + GMC

Those people who will post here with flames, dont start it, my haters proved enough, i left the section and let them lead it, they broke the section, they created chaos. Now i am back, i wont let you destroy this section again, i will help my co-ran section members with the best i can, with the best leadership i can. No one can stop me so dont even try.

SVN Link will be provided soon, once i found a best offshore server that will allow this contents of ours.

Again, pm me if you want to contribute.

Update 4/29/2013 : Already have 3 People Pledges their Support for the developments
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[Development] Offical Source Developerment
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